Burgersdorp museum

Main entrance to the Burgersdorp museum
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South Africa

Eastern Cape - Museum and Monuments

The museum buildings are also 1 of the 10 national monuments we have in Burgersdorp. The photo on the right below, is of the Reformed Theological seminary building used from 1869 to 1904. From here the seminary was transferred to Potchefstroom from where the present Potchefstroom university developed.

Monuments in Burgersdorp

Photo:Old brandwag fort Burgersdorp Photo: Theological seminary - 1869 to 1904
Old Brandwag fort in Burgersdorp - used during the 1899 - 1902 Anglo Boer War.
Theological seminary 1869 - 1904 (National monument 1969)


To think these photo's were taken a 100 years ago.
Photo: Burgersdorp 1907 - towards old jail Photo: Burgersdorp 1907 - towards town

Burgersdorp grew a little since then, and at least some of the streets are tarred. Most of these houses still exist and to think they were build with mud bricks.

The museum consists of 4 buildings, and each and every room are stacked with items used by our fore-fathers.

  • Old rifles
  • Rooms, exactly as they looked like a 100 years ago
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Prams to Stamp collections
  • Ambulance wagon - used by boer forces 1899
  • Funeral trailer to Spider buggies
  • Old market square bell - like you always see in the movies
  • Tractor with steel wheels
  • Family Bibles and tons of photo's

  • Anyway, you get the picture, the Burgersdorp museum got something of everything.
  • As a treat, a ghost was caught on film in one of the rooms - see photos